PROTECTOR - Leviathan's Desire (2016) MCD

PROTECTOR - Leviathan's Desire (2016) MCD
Wydawca: High Roller
Format: MCD
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Cena: 45,00 PLN

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“Leviathan’s Desire” was Protector’s first release without original vocalist Martin Missy. Olly Wiebel was the new man on the microphone, and he brought in a new and different style, one no less gruff and aggressive than that of his predecessor.
With the “Leviathan’s Desire” EP, Protector left the musically mid-paced path they had followed on “Urm the Mad”, turning back to their key skills and delivering a short but sweet-and-extreme thrash metal attack.
The EP contains a revised and extended version of “Kain and Abel” that fits in perfectly with the new tracks, which are full to the brim with raging riffs and violent hooks, relentlessly delivered by a band that’s fully aware of its great skills and abilities both with regard to song-writing and performance – rhythm changes, breaks and bridges are all thoroughly worked out and excellently delivered. But do not fear! There are no signs of giving in to any ideas of embracing the “progressive” side of Protector. This is still pure Teutonic Thrash to the bone.

“Leviathan’s Desire” was recorded in the Phoenix Studio Bochum in 1990 and originally released by German label Atom H (based in Witten, North Rhine-Westphalia) in the same year.
The main songwriters for “Leviathan’s Desire” were guitarist Hansi Müller, who had been a part of Protector since the very beginning, and Michael Hasse, Protector’s original drummer, who sadly deceased in 1994. Olly Wiebel remembers that the two were pulling a row of all-nighters to get everything finished in time. And another very familiar figure was involved, too: The original credits keep quiet about it, but Protector’s first singer Martin Missy contributed parts of the lyrics for the EP. Apart from the (old and new) band members themselves, there was Ralph Hubert of Mekong Delta fame involved, as he took over production duties of the record.
Being the band’s first output with Hansi on vocals, it is no big surprise that “Leviathan’s Desire” is still his favourite Protector release. It would also be the last output featuring the guitarist, as left the band in 1991, shortly after a tour with Napalm Death, and singer Olly then took over guitar duties as well. Also, fans and media reacted overall positively to this release, so the change in the singer position did not lead to any deep rifts between Protector and their fans and followers, as one might have expected.

Olly is extremely glad to see the vinyl re-release of “Leviathan’s Desire”, which has been mastered for vinyl by old comrade Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony. As a special feature for every nostalgic thrasher’s soul, Protector opened up their dusty cabinets to present a selection of previously unreleased pictures from those still good old days, which will be gracing the High Roller edition of “Leviathan’s Desire”.


Ulrike Schmitz

Informacje o wydaniu
Format MCD
Wydawca High Roller
Rok wydania 2016/1990
Opakowanie Jewel case
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