GRAND MAGUS - Iron Will (2008) CD

GRAND MAGUS - Iron Will (2008) CD
Wydawca: Rise Above
Format: CD
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Swedish riff-lords Grand Magus return at last with ‘Iron Will’, another full-on metal assault that journeys beyond the course of their last outing, 2005’s ‘Wolf’s Return’, to its inevitable, crushing destination. Drawing hefty influence from the hand-on-heart grandeur of the NWOBHM and the inspirational mythology of their forbears, Grand Magus are steeped in pre-Christian tales of triumph, vengeance, betrayal, romance and death. Their sound is a product of that dark, fertile place where doom, rock and heavy metal meet to become something pure. A nine-song essay in timeless, masculine majesty ‘Iron Will’ is the sound of a plastic sword being snapped, an idiot being kicked in the face and the rich heritage of true steel reclaimed.

1. Like the oar strikes the water

2. Fear is the key

3. Hövding

4. Iron will

5. Silver into steel

6. The Shadow knows

7. Self-deceiver

8. Beyond good and evil

9. I am the north

Informacje o wydaniu
Format CD
Wydawca Rise Above
Rok wydania 2008
Opakowanie Jewel case
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