GRAND MAGUS - Wolf's Return (2005) CD

GRAND MAGUS - Wolf's Return (2005) CD
Wydawca: Rise Above
Format: CD
Dostępność: 30-60 dni
Cena: 40,00 PLN

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Following the tremendous success of it’s predecessor ‘Monument’ the Swedish doom metal overlords Grand Magus return with their third album ‘Wolf’s Return’ an epic masterpiece of Nordic metal fury. From the opening double bass onslaught of “Kingslayer” through the chanted mantra of “Nine” to the heads down battery of “Blood Oath” and the outright doom of “Ashes” it is clear that their previous efforts were nothing but practice for this truly outstanding act. There is NO band around that conveys the spirit of heavy metal so purely as Grand Magus. 1. Kingslayer
2. Nine
3. Blodörn
4. Wolf's Return
5. Blood Oath
6. Järnbörd
7. Repay in Kind
8. Hämnd
9. Ashes
10. Light Hater
11. Wolf's Return Part II

Informacje o wydaniu
Format CD
Wydawca Rise Above
Rok wydania 2005
Opakowanie Jewel case
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