HOUR OF 13 - 333 (2013) LP

HOUR OF 13 - 333 (2013) LP
Wydawca: Eyes Like Snow
Format: LP
Dostępność: 60-120 dni
Cena: 75,00 PLN

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With just their self-titled debut album, Hour of 13 had already gained recognition as one of the most noteworthy old school Heavy/Doom Metal acts in today's scene, a status they cemented with their following full lengths "The Ritualist" and "333".
When we let the band out of their contract so they could sign with a bigger label we retained the rights to release their next two full lengths on vinyl. The first of these is their 3rd album, entitled "333". The LP comes in gatefold jacket with new artwork, limited 400x black.

1. Deny The Cross
2. The Burning
3. Rite Of Samhain
4. Spiral Vacuum
5. Who's To Blame?
6. Sea Of Trees
7. Lucky Bones

Informacje o wydaniu
Format 12" Vinyl LP
Wydawca Eyes Like Snow
Rok wydania 2013/2012
Opakowanie Gatefold
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