HORISONT - Break The Limit (2014) EP

HORISONT - Break The Limit (2014) EP
Wydawca: Rise Above
Format: EP
Dostępność: Niedostępne
Cena: 38,00 PLN 35,00 PLN

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Swedish hard-rocking classic metallers return with Break the Limit, a stop-gap release between albums. Following the success of third album, Time Warriors, the titans do not hold back with this relentless, anthemic slab of full on heavy metal glory. Backed with the synthesizer enhanced Purple Blues, it's a good indication of how far these guys have come and what a monstrous prosposition their fourth studio album is looking to be.

A. Break the Limit
B. Purple Blues

Informacje o wydaniu
Format 7" Vinyl EP
Wydawca Rise Above
Rok wydania 2014
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