FLIGHT - Don't Lose It (2015) EP

FLIGHT - Don't Lose It (2015) EP
Wydawca: Bad Omen
Format: EP
Dostępność: 30-60 dni
Cena: 39,00 PLN

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Stealing a classic riff is easy enough, but commanding the ineffable spirit of an era is something far trickier, and this is exactly what Norway's Flight have managed. This youthful four-piece show themselves so adept at summoning the aura of the late New Wave Of British Heavy Metal  in all its blue-collar, earthy glory'.
Yet more than a love for the gritty riffing, earnest melodic vocals and twin harmony leads of the late-'70s and early-'80s, and beyond the fantasy landscapes and dangerous women of the lyrics,  'Flight' is possessed of chutzpah, bravura and unpretentious zest that taps into something more enduring and primal. These songs are heavy metal as communion with a simpler time in the past, yet also proof positive that heavy rock as life-affirming escapism is as potent in the early years of the twenty-first century as ever it was, and seems inexorably bound to remain just so.

1. Don't Lose It
2. Stormers Of Heaven (Legend)

Informacje o wydaniu
Format 7" Vinyl EP
Wydawca Bad Omen
Rok wydania 2015
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