TLON - III (2011) LP

TLON - III (2011) LP
Wydawca: Nasoni
Format: LP
Dostępność: 60-120 dni
Cena: 85,00 PLN

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Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl. Third album from the Peruvian-Argentinean band Tlön. An album full of colours and textures, with electric instrumentation and passages of acoustic music without loosing the psychedelic and heavy touch that has been a signnature in this power trio, that has gained recognition of the media and public in South America, the USA and Europe. The concept in Tlön III, shows us the contrast between the city and its asfalt landscape and misery of its inhabitants, compared to nature in its most pure state and the cosmic-spiritual connection that can be transmitted through it, as well as the ancestral knowledge contained in it. Voice, guitars and composition by Christian Van Lacke, on drumms Walo Carrillo who is founder member of cult band Tarkus and on bass for this album, Tlön counts on with Cesar Bustamante, a recognized well experienced musician.

Informacje o wydaniu
Format 12" Vinyl LP (Black)
Wydawca Nasoni
Rok wydania 2011
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