SPIRAL SHADES - Hypnosis Sessions (2014) DLP

SPIRAL SHADES -  Hypnosis Sessions (2014) DLP
Wydawca: Riding Easy
Format: LP
Dostępność: Niedostępne
Cena: 125,00 PLN

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Coloured version. Spiral Shades is a doom metal project formed in 2012 that is inspired by two individuals from different countries with a common goal of making an album together. Khushal Bhadra a Guitarist, Songwriter from India, Mumbai city and Filip Petersen (Guitarist, Bassist) from Norway, Vennesla got to know each other through Youtube because of their common interest in 70's heavy doom/progressive rock music. Resulting in an awesome full length debut in the realms of Sabbath and Pentagram doom!

Informacje o wydaniu
Format 12" Vinyl LP
Wydawca Riding Easy
Rok wydania 2014
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