SIGIRIYA - Return To Earth (2012) LP

SIGIRIYA - Return To Earth (2012) LP
Wydawca: The Church Within
Format: LP
Dostępność: 60-120 dni
Cena: 85,00 PLN

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Limited vinyl issue. Beneath the soil of a Welsh valley a heavy metal life-force regains strength: rising from the ashes of stoner doom merchants Acrimony, Sigiriya is born. Eight years after the demise of Acrimony, guitarist Stu OHara, bassist Mead, drummer Darren Ivey and vocalist Dorian Walters have reconvened. Not wanting the limitations of reforming a project long dead to them, Sigiriya brings a fresh take on their trademark monolithic heavy groove. While Acrimony hailed from the temples of deepest space, Sigiriya come from the earthy depths, bringing hefty, tremor-inducing sonics that pay homage to the riff. ,
1. The mountain Goat
2. Tobacco Sunrise
3. Hurricane
4. Whiskey Song
5. Dark Fires
6. Robot Funeral
7. Deathtrip to Eryri

Informacje o wydaniu
Format 12" Vinyl LP
Wydawca The Church Within
Rok wydania 2012/2011
Opakowanie Gatefold
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