BONEHUNTER - Evil Triumphs Again (2015) LP

BONEHUNTER - Evil Triumphs Again (2015) LP
Wydawca: Hells Headbangers
Format: LP
Dostępność: Niedostępne
Cena: 89,00 PLN

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Much like they've done with ARMOUR and EVILNIGHT, once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS unleashes an underground gem from darkest Finland, ready to take up the heavy metal fight: BONEHUNTER and their debut album, "Evil Triumphs Again". All too appropriately titled, "Evil Triumphs Again" is a cryogenically frozen blast from the past, offering obeisance to debut-era Bathory in its unremittingly cavernous atmosphere yet resolutely punk-rocking thrust.

01. Messier 666
02. Black Shrine
03. Acid Fuck
04. Burning Skulls
05. Devil Metal Punks
06. Symbol of the Curse
07. Succubus
08. Deviler
09. Evil Triumphs Again

Informacje o wydaniu
Format 12" Vinyl LP
Wydawca Hells Headbangers
Rok wydania 2015
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