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ATOMIC CRIES - Suspended Between the Mouth... (2013) EP
Surowy, prymitywny doom metal. 1. False Prophecies 2. The Atheist Link ..
17,00 PLN
BEASTMILK - Use Your Deluge (2014) EP
Drugi tłok drugiej epki rewelacyjnego Beastmilk. 1. Void Mother        &..
39,00 PLN
BEASTMILK - White Stains On Black Wax (2014) EP
Pierwszy materiał Beastmilk z 2010 roku nagrany pierwotnie na taśmie magnetofonowej. Tutaj reedycja ..
39,00 PLN
BLACK MAGICIAN - The Pursuivant (2013) EP
Ltd. to 400, black vinyl. Black Magician distance themselves from the current trend for pseudo-occul..
35,00 PLN
Limited 300 copies black vinyl copies of split single between BLACK PYRAMID and Swedish ODYSSEY. ..
36,00 PLN
BLOOD CEREMONY - Let It Come Down / Loving You (2014) EP
Najnowsza epka z obozu Blood Ceremony. 1. Let It Come Down         ..
38,00 PLN
BRUTUS - Big Fat Boogie (2014) EP
A limited, exclusive seven inch from Brutus, with side A taken from 2013's smash hit album 'Behind T..
39,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - Förbannelsen (2011) EP
Burning Saviours will focus on getting back to the sound of the two first albums and basically make ..
40,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - Hon Dansade Med Döden (2012) EP
Kolejny 7-calowy singiel powracającego do życia Burning Saviours. 1. I Am Lucifer    &n..
45,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - The Nightmare (2012) EP
Limited 400 black vinyl. Third single in the four-part Forbannelsen series. Classic Swedish doom roc..
45,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - The Offering (2012) EP
Second single in the four-part Forbannelsen series. Classic Swedish doom rock in vein of Witchcraft,..
45,00 PLN
CC COMPANY - S/T (2013) EP
SIDE A 1. Death Death Death SIDE AA 2. The Snake 3. Out of Here ..
29,00 PLN 25,00 PLN
CC COMPANY - The Red Baron (2014) EP
Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden and featuring three already prolific musicians from that underground ..
29,00 PLN 25,00 PLN
CHAINS - Dancing With My Demons (2013) EP
Chains to międzynarodowy projekt prezentujący wiele stylów osadzonych w horrorowych klimatach lat 70..
17,00 PLN
COSMONAUTS - Emerald Green (2011) EP
Bad Afro is proud to introduce the first 7" on the label with an American band. And what a great and..
35,00 PLN
DEAD MAN - Get Off My Back / Love On My Brain (2011) EP
Póki co ostatni materiał Szwedów z Dead Man. Psychedelic Rock. 1. Get Off My Back    &n..
24,00 PLN
DEATH SS - Profanation (2014) EP
Limited black vinyl version. Originally a private pressing of 100-200 copies only, this is one of th..
35,00 PLN
DEATH SS - The Night Of The Witch (2014) EP
Limited black vinyl version. Originally a private pressing of 100-200 copies only, this is one of th..
35,00 PLN
DEATH SS - Zombie/Terror (2013) EP
Limited black vinyl version. Originally a private pressing of 100-200 copies only, this is one of th..
35,00 PLN
ELECTRIC CITIZEN - Light Years Beyond (2014) EP
This 7" features 'Light Years Beyond' b/w 'Ghost Of Me' from the 2014 album 'Sateen'. "They take cul..
45,00 PLN
FLIGHT - Don't Lose It (2015) EP
Stealing a classic riff is easy enough, but commanding the ineffable spirit of an era is something f..
39,00 PLN
FORCED KILL - Hard Death (2014) EP
Limited edition 7-inch, only 500 copies pressed. Forced Kill represent, together with bands such as ..
43,00 PLN
HEXX / RUTHLESS - Tyrants Of Steel Vol.1 (2016) Split EP
Two legendary US Metal acts, HEXX and RUTHLESS, joined forces for the "TYRANTS OF STEEL" 7" vinyl si..
35,00 PLN
HIGH SPIRITS - Take Me Home (2016) EP
-Take Me Home -Just Like a Dream ..
35,00 PLN
HITTEN - Don't Be Late (2015) EP
A 1. Don't Be Late     5:26      B 2. Red Lights     4..
35,00 PLN 27,00 PLN
7-calowy split dwóch skandynawskich załóg. Blues rock. 1. The Devil And The Almighty Blues - Rive..
35,00 PLN
HORISONT - Break The Limit (2014) EP
Swedish hard-rocking classic metallers return with Break the Limit, a stop-gap release between album..
38,00 PLN 35,00 PLN
HYPNOS - The Mountain (2014) EP
This debut single contains the album track The Mountain and the non-album track Viper. Heavy riffs, ..
35,00 PLN
IN SOLITUDE - Serpents Are Rising (2014) EP
Najnowsza epka In Solitude z coverem Samhain. 1. Serpents Are Rising      &nb..
45,00 PLN
IRON CURTAIN - Outlaw (2015) EP
A 1. Outlaw     3:44      A 2. Loud & Load     3:2..
35,00 PLN 25,00 PLN
IRON HEARSE / LEATHER NUN AMERICA - Rocketbuilder/Anointed (2010) Split EP
Hard rocking heavy doom rock on both sides, this 7" shows a perfect continuation of how the bands so..
25,00 PLN
JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES - 13th Breath Of The Zodiac (2014) EP
Debiutancka epka Jess and the Ancient Ones ponownie dostępna! 1. 13th Breath Of The Zodiac 2. Wh..
45,00 PLN
JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES - In Levitating Secret Dreams (2015) EP
7-calowa epka zwiastująca drugi album Jess and the Ancient Ones. 1. In Levitating Secret Dreams &..
39,00 PLN
Singiel promujący najnowszy album Finów. 1. Minotaure          2. ..
35,00 PLN
JEX THOTH - Circles (2013) EP
7-calowy singiel zapowiadający drugą płytę. 1. Circles 2. The Places You Walk ..
38,00 PLN
LUZIFER - Black Knight (2017) EP
Luzifer to nowa kapela ludzi z Vulture. Heavy w starym, obskurnym stylu! 1. Black Knight 2. Sanc..
29,00 PLN
MAGMA RISE / THE ASOUND - Five / The Baron (2011) Split EP
Limited edition (500 copies) split 7" EP as a co-release with Tsuguri Records with brand new songs b..
25,00 PLN
MESSENGER - Somniloquist (2014) EP
Psychedelic rock z UK. 1. Somniloquist 2. Pictures Of Sadness ..
35,00 PLN 17,00 PLN
METALMORFOSIS - Mask Of Gold (2009) EP
Dwuutworowy singielek Metalmorfosis. Heavy! 1. Mask Of Gold 2. X-Dreamer Posłuchaj! ..
24,00 PLN
NYMF/DOZER - Split (2013) EP
NYMF is the doom metal project of the Graviators vocalist Niklas Sjoberg and on this split they join..
39,00 PLN
OLD MAN'S WILL - Troubled Man (2015) EP
A 7-inch taster for the 2015 album by Umea rockers Old Man's Will. ..
44,00 PLN
PROCESSION - Lonely Are The Ways Of The Stranger (2017) EP
Dwuutworowy 7-calowy singiel promujący najnowszy album Procession + cover Death SS. 1. Lonely Are..
30,00 PLN
PROCESSION - Of Doomed Beginnings (2016) EP
Pierwsze nagrania Procession dostępne tym razem na winylu. 1. Incinerate (Demo) 2. The Road to..
35,00 PLN 29,00 PLN
PURPLE HILL WITCH - Alchemy (2013) EP
Purple Hill Witch is the latest Scandinavian band to embrace the gloomier side of metal. The Oslo tr..
39,00 PLN
QOPH - Aldrig Tillbaks (2000) EP
7-calowa epka progresywnego QOPH z Szwecji z 2000 roku! 1. Aldrig Tillbaks 2. Manvarv ..
29,00 PLN
SALEM'S POT - Ego Trip (2014) EP
A cool 7-inch from the highly regarded Swedish stoner rockers. ..
40,00 PLN
SATAN'S SATYRS - Black Souls (2014) EP
Something sinister is looming in the mist - a ghastly three-headed apparition, equal parts riffage &..
29,00 PLN 25,00 PLN
SCREAMER - Monte Carlo Nights (2017) EP
7-calowy singiel promujący najnowszy album Screamer. 1. Monte Carlo Nights 2. On My Way [Demo Ve..
19,00 PLN
SEREMONIA - Ovi (2013) EP
Seremonia's debut album of psychedelic hard rock sung in their native Finnish language raised some p..
35,00 PLN
SIDEBURN - Rainbows End (2014) EP
SIDEBURN has gained a solid reputation in the classic rock genre, mixing hard rock, doom metal and a..
40,00 PLN
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