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1. Bison Eyes     4:05      2. Strange Waves     7:35 ..
85,00 PLN
QUORTHON - Purity Of Essence (2017) DLP
Długo oczekiwana winylowa reedycja drugiej solowej płyty Quorthona z Bathory! LP 1: 1. Rock 'n R..
75,00 PLN
RACE AGAINST TIME - Time Waits For No Man (2015) LP
Along with Radium, Paralex and Hell, Race Against Time were members of the “East Midlands Band Co-Op..
75,00 PLN
RAVENS CREED - The Power (2012) LP
Ravens Creed are an English mythical death/thrash band with strong Venom/Celtic Frost/Exodus/Slayer ..
80,00 PLN
RAZOR - Custom Killing (2015) LP
Czwarta płyta kanadyjskiego Razor z 1987 roku. 1. Survival of the Fittest 2. Shootout 3. Forced..
70,00 PLN
RAZOR - Open Hostility (2014) LP
Siódmy krążek kanadyjskiego Razor. 1. In Protest 2. Sucker For Punishment 3. Bad Vibrations 4...
70,00 PLN
RAZOR - Shotgun Justice (2016) LP
When Razor, Canada’s finest export since the Toronto Maple Leafs, entered the stage of the glorious ..
70,00 PLN
RAZOR - Violent Restitution (2015) LP
Reedycja piątego krążka Razor. 1. The Marshall Arts 2. Hypertension 3. Taste the Floor 4. Behi..
70,00 PLN
REVELATION - Inner Harbor (2013) LP
Najnowsza, szósta płyta doomowego Revelation. Jest dużo bardziej progresywnie niż dotychczas. Ale ty..
55,00 PLN 35,00 PLN
REVEREND BIZARRE - III: So Long Suckers (2014) 4LP
Reverend Bizarre's final opus is a 130 minute juggernaut, thought by many as impossible to fit on vi..
235,00 PLN
RIPPER - The Dead Have Rizen (2009) LP
Just as the mighty fall, they also rise again. Texas horror-metal monsters Ripper have come alive wi..
85,00 PLN
RIPPER - Third Witness (2015) LP
The end of mankind in 2015? Apocalyptic doom, genetic mutations, daunting nightmares, spiritual seek..
95,00 PLN
RIPPIKOULU - Musta Seremonia (2014) LP
Kultowe demo Rippikoulu z 1993 roku ponownie dostępne na winylu! Doom Death! 1. Kadonneet Jumalat..
75,00 PLN 35,00 PLN
RIPPIKOULU - Ulvaja (2014) MLP
Po 21 latach niebytu, Rippikoulu wraca z nowym materiałem! 3 kawałki, 18 minut, doom death. 1. Jä..
49,00 PLN 29,00 PLN
RITUALS OF THE OAK - Come Taste The Doom (2012) LP
Drugi krążek australiskiego Rituals of the Oak. Doom! 1. Here 2. The Horla 3. On The Sixth Moon..
45,00 PLN
Robert Pehrsson (born 13th of December 1975) is currently one of the most talented Swedish rock guit..
70,00 PLN
ROLAND, PAUL - Re-Animator (2006) LP
Re-Animator features several songs with an H.P.Lovecraft theme and includes contributions from music..
85,00 PLN
RUBY THE HATCHET - Planetary Space Child (2017) LP
Trzecia płyta stoner psychodelicznego Ruby The Hatchet! 1. Planetary Space Child 2. Killer 3. P..
75,00 PLN
SABBATH ASSEMBLY - Eno Ot Derotser (2015) LP
Winylowa reedycja pierwszego demo grupy z 2009 roku, z Jex Thoth na wokalu. 1. Judge Of Mankind ..
95,00 PLN
SABBATH ASSEMBLY - Quaternity (2014) LP
The sonic goal of Sabbath Assembly is to invoke a mystical, religious atmosphere, then Quaternity su..
95,00 PLN
Sabbath Assembly's highly anticipated fifth album, Sabbath Assembly, marks a new beginning..
85,00 PLN
SABBATH ASSEMBLY - Ye Are Gods (2012) LP
Drugi krążek Sabbath Assembly. 1. Let Us All Give Praise And Validation 2. We Come From The One ..
85,00 PLN
SABBATHIAN, THE - Ritual Rites (2014) MLP
Occult doom metal! Pierwszy materiał The Sabbathian - nowej kapeli Chada Davis'a znanego z Hou..
60,00 PLN
Sacri Monti gra psychodeliczny rock żywcem wyjęty z lat 70-tych. Bardzo mocna pozycja w tym gatunku...
85,00 PLN
SALEM'S POT - ...Lurar Ut Dig På Prärien (2014) LP
Sweden's trio of blood drunkards Salem's Pot return this April to consecrate their union with the LA..
95,00 PLN
SALEM'S POT - Sweeden (2013) LP
Repress on red vinyl. Spooky psych from Sweden! Originally released on CDR in 2011. ..
95,00 PLN
SAMAVAYO - Death March Melodies! (2005) LP
Berlin based heavy rock combo Samavayo is phat heavy rock with striking psychedelic parts and a voic..
90,00 PLN
SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT - One With The Universe (2017) LP
Czwarty album Samsary. Psychedelic stoner rock! 1. Vipassana 2. Sad Guru Returns 3. Glorious Da..
89,00 PLN
SANCTA SANCTORUM, the " Saint of the Saints" , is the most sacred area of the Temple that shelters t..
69,00 PLN
SANCTA SANCTORUM - The Shining Darkness (2010) LP
SANCTA SANCTORUM, the " Saint of the Saints", is the most sacred area of the Temple that shelters th..
88,00 PLN
SATAN'S SATYRS - Die Screaming (2014) LP
Something sinister is looming in the mist - a ghastly three-headed apparition, equal parts riffage &..
55,00 PLN
SATAN'S SATYRS - Don't Deliver Us (2015) LP
Arriving from Herndon, Virginia in a psychic blizzard of garage-birthed fury and fuzz-crazed abandon..
89,00 PLN
SATAN'S SATYRS - Wild Beyond Belief! (2013) LP
Heavy Punk Doom Metal! Dodatkowe słowa są zbędne. Tego trzeba po prostu posłuchać. 1. Sadist 69 ..
89,00 PLN
SATURN - Ascending (Live In Space) (2014) LP
Debiut szwedzkiego Saturn. Heavy Rock' n Roll! 1. So, You Have Chosen Death     &n..
79,00 PLN
SATURNALIA TEMPLE - Impossibilum (2013) MLP
Saturnalia Temple is a Draconian Magical prophecy that speaks through music. From strings, battery a..
89,00 PLN 75,00 PLN
SAVAGE MASTER - With Whips And Chains (2016) LP
Druga płyta heavy metalowego Savage Master. 1. Call Of The Master 2. Dark Light Of The Moon 3. ..
79,00 PLN
SCREAMER - Hell Machine (2017) LP
Trzecia płyta szwedzkich heavy metalowców z Screamer. 1. Alive 2. On My Way 3. Hell Machine 4...
70,00 PLN
Fullcoloured glossy jacket, heavy innersleeves, 180g black virgin vinyl. Psychedelic kraut rock. Sel..
75,00 PLN
SEREMONIA - Ihminen (2013) LP
Drugi krążek Finów z Seremonia. 1. Noitamestari 2. Itsemurhaaja I 3. Ovi 4. Suuri Valkeus 5. ..
99,00 PLN
SEREMONIA - Kristalliarkki (2015) LP
Edition on black vinyl with a free MP3 download. Finnish heavy psych rockers Seremonia dive deeper t..
80,00 PLN
Psychedelic doom z Finlandii. 1. Seremonia          2. Uhrijuhla &..
69,00 PLN
SERPENT VENOM - Carnal Altar (2013) DLP
LIMITED DOUBLE LP VERSION. Serpent Venom arose from the grave in 2008 to inflict doom upon the masse..
125,00 PLN
SERPENTCULT - Weight Of Light (2008) LP
Some bands are heavy and some bands are F***ING HEAVY! Belgium’s SerpentCult (as spelt) most definit..
60,00 PLN
Debiut brytyjskiego Seven Sisters to tradycyjny heavy żywcem wyjęty z początku lat 80-tych, gdzie w ..
70,00 PLN
SEVEN THAT SPELLS - Black Om Rising (2014) LP
More heavy stoner-psych from the highly regarded Croatian unit, Seven That Spells. Edition on black ..
85,00 PLN
SEVEN THAT SPELLS - Superautobahn (2015) LP
It's getting dark on the highway! The Mustang GT's engine is pumping hard, and it seems like there i..
85,00 PLN
SEVEN THAT SPELLS - The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: Io (2014) LP
Modern, aggressive psychedelic wall of sound incorporating polymetrics and occasional Viking funeral..
79,00 PLN
SHEAVY - Celestial Hi-Fi (2015) DLP
After many years of being in demand, Celestial H-Fi by Canadian Stoner Doom legends, Sheavy, is fina..
97,00 PLN
SHEAVY - Moons In Penumbra (2014) LP
Former Rise Above and Candlelight recording artist Sheavy find a new home on Hydro-Phonic Records. S..
125,00 PLN
SHEAVY - The Electric Sleep (2015) DLP
After many years of being in demand, The Electric Sleep by Canadian Stoner Doom legends, Sheavy, is ..
97,00 PLN
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