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VANDALLUS - On The High Side (2016) LP
With Shaun Vanek (guitar, drums, bass) and Steve Dukuslow (drums) Vandallus from Cleveland in Ohio d..
70,00 PLN
VENENUM - S/T (2012) MLP
Pierwszy materiał niemieckiego Venenum. Death! 1. Bewitched Craft 2. Veneficium 3. Crown Of Rev..
65,00 PLN
VENENUM - Trance Of Death (2017) LP
Po znakomitej epce z 2011 roku Niemcy z Venenum uraczyli nas w końcu dużą płytą. Death Metal! 1. ..
70,00 PLN
VENOM - At War With Satan (2016) DLP
"Trójka" Venom! Reedycja na podwójnym winylu. LP 1: 1. At War With Satan     &nbs..
79,00 PLN
VENOM - Black Metal (2016) DLP
Reedycja kultowego albumu Venom, pierwotnie wydanego w 1982 roku. LP 1: 1. Black Metal 2. To He..
79,00 PLN
VENOM - Live From The Hammersmith Odeon Theatre (2018) LP
Venom live, z najlepszych ich lat! 1. Too Loud (For the Crowd) 2. Black Metal 3. Nightmare 4. ..
80,00 PLN
VENOM - Possessed (2016) DLP
Czwarty krążek Venom. LP 1: 1. Powerdrive          2. Flytrap &nb..
79,00 PLN
VENOMOUS MAXIMUS - Firewalker (2015) LP
Druga płyta teksańskiego Venomous Maximus. Heavy doom! 1. Intro 2. White Rose 3. Through The Bl..
70,00 PLN
The "lost" record is finally out! Again a special individual package and heavy vinyl! Versus The Sti..
70,00 PLN
VESTAL CLARET - The Cult Of Vestal Claret (2014) LP
Najnowsza płyta Vestal Claret. Occult heavy doom metal i Phil Swanson za mikrofonem. 1. Never Say..
65,00 PLN 30,00 PLN
VIBRAVOID - Gravity Zero (2012) LP
REPRESS! Now normal BLACK vinyl version. Sulatron Records presents the sixth studio album of Dusseld..
145,00 PLN
In-Graved to nowa kapela Victora Griffina znanego m.in. z Pentagram i Place of Skulls. Płyta zawiera..
85,00 PLN
VIDUNDER - Oracles & Prophets (2015) LP
Unlike before, all of Vidunder's members were involved in the writing process for 'Oracles And Proph..
85,00 PLN 55,00 PLN
VIDUNDER - S/T (2013) LP
The music of Vidunder is bluesy '70s rock with a touch of garage. The trio now joins Spiders, Horiso..
75,00 PLN
VINDICATOR - There Will Be Blood (2012) LP
Its hard to tell if those so-called new wave of US thrash-metal has ever been a reality or just one ..
75,00 PLN
VINUM SABBATUM - Songs From The Convent (2012) LP
Limited to 150 copies on purple vinyl. This reissue of the band's self-released debut-EP features re..
95,00 PLN
VULTURE - The Guillotine (2017) LP
Debiut speed/thrashowego Volture z Niemiec. 1. Vendetta 2. Clashing Iron 3. Triumph of the Guil..
70,00 PLN
VULTURE - Victim To The Blade (2016) MLP
Attention, Speed Metal fans! „Victim To The Blade“, the debut EP of VULTURE is what you are looking ..
65,00 PLN
WARFARE - Noise Noise Noise (The Lost Demos) (2015) LP
I knew from a very early age dreaming was a form of creating and through the school years it was “be..
59,00 PLN
WARHORSE - As Heaven Turns To Ash... (2015) DLP
Reissued and back on vinyl after 14 years of silence! A massive conjuration from Boston's old Lords ..
135,00 PLN
WARNING - The Demo Tapes (2011) LP
Before Warning became one of the most important and genre-shattering doom metal bands of the last de..
90,00 PLN
WARNING - The Strength To Dream (2017) DLP
Winylowa reedycja debiutu Warning. Doom metal! LP 1: 1. The Return 2. The Face That Never Dies ..
105,00 PLN
WARNING - Watching From A Distance (2017) DLP
Kultowy "Watching From A Distance" ponownie dostępny na winylu! LP 1: 1. Watching From A Distanc..
105,00 PLN
WARRIOR - Resurrected (2016) DLP
Kompilacja wczesnych nagrań Warrior z lat 1983-1984. NWOBHM! LP 1: 1. Prisoner    &nbs..
90,00 PLN
WEDGE - S/T (2014) LP
Debiut niemieckiego Wedge. Retro rock w świetnym wydaniu. 1. Easy Chair 2. Looks 'n' Savvy 3. M..
75,00 PLN
Reedycja drugiej płyty Weedpecker! 1. Reality Fades 2. Flowering Dimensions     ..
85,00 PLN
Trzeci krążek warszawskiego Weedpecker! Psych Stoner Rock. 1. Molecule 2. Embrace 3. Liquid Sky..
85,00 PLN
WEHRMACHT - Biermächt (2015) LP
1. You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)     1:50      2. Gore Fl..
69,00 PLN
WELL, THE - Samsara (2014) LP
'Samsara' is the band's first full length. Inspired by early '70s psych and proto-metal, The Well ha..
95,00 PLN
WIGHT - Love Is Not Only What You Know (2016) LP
Najnowszy, trzeci krążek Wight. 1. Helicopter Mama          2. The..
95,00 PLN
WITCH - Paralyzed (2008) LP
1. Eye     3:41      2. Gone     4:40    &nb..
85,00 PLN
WITCH CROSS - Axe To Grind (2013) LP
1. March Of The Vikings     0:48 2. Demon In The Mirror     3:48 &nbs..
89,00 PLN
WITCH CROSS - Fit For Fight (2018) LP
Reedycja kultowej płyty duńskiego Witch Cross z 1984 roku. 1. Nightflight to Tokyo 2. Face of a ..
85,00 PLN
WITCH MOUNTAIN - Cauldron Of The Wild (2013) DLP
Double LP on black vinyl, limited to 500 copies, presented in gatefold jacket. WITCH MOUNTAIN from ..
95,00 PLN
WITCH MOUNTAIN - Mobile Of Angels (2014) LP
Najnowsza płyta Witch Mountain, ostatnia z wokalistką Utą Plotkin. Doom metal! 1. Psycho Animundi..
85,00 PLN
WITCH MOUNTAIN - South Of Salem (2014) DLP
Gatefold. Black vinyl, ltd. to 300. Witch Mountain's 2011 album comes with a poster and a full LP's ..
105,00 PLN
WITCHFIELD - Sabbatai Zevi (2015) LP
The 2015 Witchfield album was inspired by Sephardic Rabbi and Kappalist Sabbatai Zevi (17th century)..
90,00 PLN
WITCHFIELD - Sleepless (2009) LP
New musical project born almost casually from a meeting between the former drummer of Death SS, Thom..
85,00 PLN
WITCHFYNDE - The Lost Tapes (2014) DLP
The discovery of WITCHFYNDE's Lost Tapes illuminates a fascinating missing link in the history of Br..
99,00 PLN
WITCHGRAVE - s/t (2013) LP
Po bardzo obiecującej epce "The Devils Night" z 2010 roku, wyprzedanej błyskawicznie, Szwedzi z Witc..
65,00 PLN
WITCHSORROW - God Curse Us (2012) DLP
Druga płyta doomowego Witchsorrow. 1. Aurora Atra          2. God ..
97,00 PLN
WITCHSORROW - No Light, Only Fire (2015) DLP
Three years on from the lead-weight doom of 2012's apocalyptic God Curse Us, Hampshire doom militia ..
85,00 PLN
WITH THE DEAD - Love From With The Dead (2017) DLP
Lee Dorian atakuje drugą płytą z With The Dead. Doom! 1. Isolation 2. Egyptian Tomb 3. Reincarn..
90,00 PLN
Supergroup is such an erroneous term – images of bored playboys pissing on their legacy spring to mi..
85,00 PLN
WO FAT - Noche Del Chupacabra (2011) LP
Limited to 400 Black vinyls. Noche del Chupacabra is the third psychedelic trip through the swampy b..
95,00 PLN
WO FAT - Psychedelonaut (2010) DLP
Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl including download code. Wo Fat believes in the Riff. Wo Fat's ..
130,00 PLN
WOLF - Edge Of The World (2017) LP
Jedyna płyta Brytyjczyków z Wolf. NWOBHM! 1. Edge Of The World 2. Higway Rider 3. Heaven Will R..
80,00 PLN
WOLFHEAD - S/T (2011) LP
Limited 300 copies transparent blue vinyl. You'd think that a band born in 2008 after some drunk reh..
80,00 PLN
WYXMER - Feudal Throne (2005) LP
Back after 14 years the new WYXMER album!! Strong Metal Epic Progressive band from Florence, authors..
85,00 PLN
Kolejny press debiutu Szwedów. Psychedelic Rock! 1. First Orbit 2. Sonic Invasion 2910 3. Za Ko..
85,00 PLN
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