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ABHORRENCE - Completely Vulgar (2014) DLP
REPRESS. Gatefold, 20 PAGE booklet, 5 bonus tracks! Limited SMOKEY GREY limy vinyl, 350 only. Finnis..
110,00 PLN
ACCUSER - The Conviction (2016) LP
Debiut Accuser ponownie dostępny na winylu! Thrash metal! 1. Evil Liar 2. Sadistic Terror 3. Do..
75,00 PLN
ACCUSER - Who Dominates Who? (2016) LP
Reedycja drugiej płyty thrashowego Accuser. 1. Master Of Disaster 2. Who Pulls The Wire? 3. Ele..
75,00 PLN 45,00 PLN
ACID KING - Middle Of Nowhere, Center Of Everywhere (2015) DLP
Dziesięć lat po "trójce" doczekaliśmy się nowego materiału od Acid King. Ponad 50 minut stoner doomo..
110,00 PLN
ACID WITCH - Midnight Movies (2015) MLP
Najnowszy materiał Acid Witch. Tym razem cztero-utworowe MLP z coverami. 1. I'm Back   ..
59,00 PLN
ACID WITCH - Stoned (2015) LP
Detroit's most evil doom band raises hell with one of the heaviest, crushing albums ever made! Mixin..
89,00 PLN
ACID WITCH - Witchtanic Hellucinations (2015) LP
When ACID WITCH's "Witchtanic Hellucinations" came out in 2008 on Razorback Records, metal fans were..
89,00 PLN
ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL - Check'Em Before You Wreck'Em (2014) LP
Druga płyta Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell. 1. Do It Now 2. 2 Tonne F*ckboot 3. Captain Merrywe..
85,00 PLN
AFTERMATH - Eyes Of Tomorrow (2015) DLP
Shadow Kingdom Records have teamed up with the Technical Thrash Metal Titans, AFTERMATH!! AFTERMATH ..
75,00 PLN
AGE OF TAURUS - Desperate Souls of Tortured Times (2013) LP
Oczekiwany debiut doomowego Age of Taurus. Traditional epic doom! 1. A Rush Of Power   ..
85,00 PLN
AGENT STEEL - Skeptics Apocalypse (2015) LP
Debiut pionierów amerykańskiego speed/thrash metalu! 1. The Calling 2. Agents Of Steel 3. Taken..
70,00 PLN
AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force (2016) LP
Winylowa reedycja drugiego krążka Agent Steel. 1. Unstoppable Force 2. Never Surrender 3. Indes..
75,00 PLN
AKASHA - S/T (2013) LP
AKASHA is a Norwegian quintet who recorded one strange and fascinating album back in 1977. They are:..
90,00 PLN
AKTOR - Paranoia (2015) LP
There is just no stopping Chris “The Professor” Black. With High Spirits and Dawnbringer he has crea..
65,00 PLN
ALAN 'THE ELF' DAVEY - Chaos Delight (2000) LP
Third album for the bass-player of HAWKWIND, an album inspired by TV themes, with links to soundtrac..
85,00 PLN
ALBINO PYTHON - The Doomed And The Damned (2013) LP
Limited 100 copies BLACK vinyl. Heavy doom from Arizona, this duo will rip your face off with heavy ..
105,00 PLN
ALEPH NULL - Nocturnal (2014) DLP
Limited double-LP issue on coloured vinyl, coming in a heavy duty board single jacket with insert. T..
95,00 PLN
AMBUSH - Desecrator (2015) LP
Drugi krążek Szwedów z Ambush. Pure heavy metal! 1. Possessed By Evil 2. Night Of Defilers 3. D..
65,00 PLN
ANNOT RHUL - Leviathan (2015) LP
ANNOT RHUL is the studio project of Sigurd Tonna. Whenever inspiration comes to him, he records demo..
90,00 PLN
ANTONIUS REX - Hystero Demonopathy (2012) LP
After the impressive 'Switch On Dark' (2006) and the esoteric doom work 'Per Viam' (2009) based on m..
90,00 PLN
ANTONIUS REX - Praeternatural (2003) LP
Demons and wizards, vampires and witches, darkness and shadwos, obsessions and nightmares, all shive..
85,00 PLN
ANTONIUS REX - Ralefun (2011) LP
The Antonius Rex mystic-dark band was founded by the eclectic philosopher-composer-guitarist Antonio..
89,00 PLN
ANTONIUS REX - Zora (2009) LP
REPRESS!. 32nd Anniversary Edition of the legendary occult prog album by Antonius Rex, with an unrel..
90,00 PLN
APOCALYPSE / OMEGA - Blood Sacrifice (2012) LP
Demówki i singiel tej brytyjskiej grupy występującej na początku lat 80-tych pod dmowa rożnymi nazwa..
55,00 PLN
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - Last Sunrise (2010) DLP
Limited 2LP comes with heavy gatefold jacket & heavy full colour innersleeves + clear vinyl, ltd..
105,00 PLN 65,00 PLN
Split trzech doom metalowych załóg. 1. Apostle Of Solitude - This Mania 2. Rituals Of The Oak - ..
75,00 PLN
ASHBURY - Something Funny Going On (2016) LP
One of the biggest “re-discoveries” of obscure eighties US Metal/Hard Rock are Ashbury from Tuscon i..
75,00 PLN
ASOMVEL - Knuckle Duster (2013) LP
1. Dead Set On Livin'          2. Cash Whore      ..
55,00 PLN
ASTRA - The Black Chord (2012) LP
Born in San Diego but bred in the mists of Avalon, Astra have fast-become a synonym for the ethereal..
97,00 PLN
AT WAR - Retaliatory Strike (2014) LP
Druga płyta At War z 1988 roku. Speed Thrash! 1. F.Y.I. 2. Conscientious Objector 3. Creed Of T..
69,00 PLN
ATOMIC BITCHWAX, THE - Gravitron (2015) LP
1. Sexecutioner      2. No Way Man      3. It's Alright   ..
85,00 PLN
1. Revival     4:45      2. Super Computer     2:08 3..
85,00 PLN
ATOMIC BITCHWAX, THE - The Local Fuzz (2011) LP
1. The Local Fuzz          2. The Local Fuzz ..
85,00 PLN
ATOMIC WORKERS - Embryonic Suicide (2006) LP
Atomic Workers is formed by some members of the Italian psych rock band Thats All Folks and Sun Dial..
85,00 PLN
ATOMIC WORKERS - Third Disaster (2009) LP
Atomic Workers' Third Disaster is astonishing. A true Unidentified Sonic Object. A spaceship, a time..
85,00 PLN
ATOMIC WORKERS - Wall Of Water Behind Me (2007) LP
Limited black vinyl version. The writing formula of Atomic Workers second album has not changed from..
85,00 PLN
BABY WOODROSE - Kicking Ass & Taking Names: A Collection Of Rare B-Sides 2001-2013 (2014) LP
The tracks contained on this compilation represent the outskirts of the Baby Woodrose universe, from..
75,00 PLN
BARBARIAN - Faith Extinguisher (2014) LP
Their 2012 split with BUNKER 66 predicted a change in approach, a direction which they continue here..
80,00 PLN
BARON - Torpor (2015) LP
'Torpor', the new album from British rock four piece, Baron, is the latest in a long line of imagina..
80,00 PLN
BATHORY - Twilight Of The Gods (1991) DLP
Drugi z wielkich epic viking albumów Bathory. LP 1: 1. Prologue - Twilight Of The Gods - Epilogu..
75,00 PLN
BATHORY - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (1987) LP
Trzecia płyta kultowego Bathory. Pure black metal! 1. Nocturnal Obeisance 2. Massacre 3. Woman ..
70,00 PLN
Limited vinyl issue. Beelzefuzz is a heavy rock trio from North East Maryland, formed in 2009. Havin..
99,00 PLN
BENEDICTION - Dark Is The Season / The Grotesque (2016) LP
Reedycja dwóch epek Benediction nagranych w 1992 i w 1994 roku. 1. Foetus Noose    &nbs..
65,00 PLN
BENEDICTION - The Dreams You Dread (2016) LP
Winylowa reedycja czwartej płyty Benediction. 1. Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) 2. Cer..
80,00 PLN
BENEDICTION - Transcend The Rubicon (2016) LP
Reedycja trzeciej płyty Benediction. Klasyka brytyjskiego death metalu! 1. Unfound Mortality 2. ..
80,00 PLN
BISON MACHINE - Hoarfrost (2015) LP
Picture a small child raised on the delta blues since birth, then force fed with Zeppelin and Sabbat..
95,00 PLN
BLACK PRISM - Satan's Country (2013) EP
Limited edition on black vinyl. The debut 7-inch by LA-based psychedelic doomsters BLACK PRISM. But ..
45,00 PLN
BLACK, THE - Capistrani Pugnator (2004) LP
Heavy doom metal in the vein of Trouble, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus etc. Including "Capistrani pugna..
75,00 PLN
BLACK, THE - Gorgoni (2010) DLP
DOUBLE VINYL album for one of the ITALIAN HEAVY METAL founder! Art, Music, Mysticism are the essence..
105,00 PLN
BLACK, THE - Peccatis Nostris (2004) LP
A powerful mix of dark atmopsheres and bands like Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus. tracks like "Pigriz..
79,00 PLN
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