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Side A 1. GAUNTLET             &nb..
85,00 PLN
GRAND MAGUS - Wolf's Return (2005) LP
1. KINGSLAYER              &nb..
85,00 PLN
GUDARS SKYMNING - Höj Era Glas (2013) LP
Trzeci album szwedzkich hard rockersów. 1. Höj Era Glas 2. Staffansvisan 3. Grumliga Visioner ..
90,00 PLN
GUDARS SKYMNING - Mörka vatten (2010) LP
We play heavy soulful rock with Swedish lyrics. With our feet deeply planted in a muddy, bubbling bl..
85,00 PLN
HADES - ...Again Shall Be (2017) LP
Reedycja debiutanckiego krążka norweskiego Hades. Viking Black Metal! 1. Pagan Triumph 2. Hecate..
75,00 PLN
HADES - The Dawn Of The Dying Sun (2017) LP
Winylowa reedycja drugiej płyty Hades. 1. The Dawn Of The Dying Sun 2. Awakening Of Kings 3. Ap..
75,00 PLN
HAMMERHEAD - The Sin Eater (2015) LP
Cumbria's Hammerhead (not to be confused with their Dutch or American namesakes) were one of the mos..
65,00 PLN
HARSH TOKE - Light Up And Live (2013) LP
1. Rest In Prince     4:11      2. Weight Of The Sun    &nb..
85,00 PLN
HAUNT - Luminous Eyes (2018) MLP
Heavy metalowy Haunt to projekt Trevora Williama Churcha znanego m.in. z doomowego Beastmaker. 1...
55,00 PLN
HEAVY LOAD - Stronger Than Evil (2018) LP+CD
Długo wyczekiwana reedycja trzeciej płyty szwedzkiego Heavy Load! 12-stronicowa książeczka, niepubli..
105,00 PLN
180g orange vinyl, custom-made sleeve (w. round corners), heavy innersleeves. Heavy psychedelic doom..
85,00 PLN
HELA - Broken Cross (2014) LP
Gatefold, black or purple vinyl ltd to 300. Hela is a doom metal band that tries to reconcile the tw..
65,00 PLN
HELLBRINGER - Awakened From The Abyss (2016) LP
"Dwójka" australijskiego Hellbringer. Thrash Speed! 1. Fall Of The Cross 2. Coven Of Darkness 3..
70,00 PLN
HELLBRINGER - Dominion Of Darkness (2017) LP
Debiut thrashowego Hellbringer! 1. Dominion Of Darkness 2. Sermon Of Death 3. Deceiver's Chambe..
70,00 PLN
HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram (2015) LP
Hellish Crossfire from Nuremberg stirred the thrash underground with their debut from 2006, and that..
65,00 PLN
HEXVESSEL - Iron Marsh (2013) MLP
EPka fińskiego Hexvessel. 1. Masks Of The Universe   2. Superstitious Currents   3. T..
75,00 PLN
HEXVESSEL - No Holier Temple (2012) DLP
Wyczekiwana kontynuacja debiutu z 2011 roku.  Psychedelic folk doom. 1. Heaven And Earth Mag..
120,00 PLN
HEXX - Wrath Of The Reaper (2017) LP
Pierwszy po ponad 20 latach przerwy nowy krążek Hexx. 1. Macabre Procession Of Specters &nbs..
70,00 PLN
HEXX / RUTHLESS - Tyrants Of Steel Vol.1 (2016) Split EP
Two legendary US Metal acts, HEXX and RUTHLESS, joined forces for the "TYRANTS OF STEEL" 7" vinyl si..
35,00 PLN
HIGH FIGHTER - Scars & Crosses (2016) LP
Sludge/stoner z Niemiec. 1. A Silver Heart          2. Darkest Day..
35,00 PLN
HIGH ON FIRE - The Art Of Self Defense (2012) DLP
Reissue of this cult classic, remastered and restored. LIMITED, SUPER-DELUXE 180 GM BLACK DOUBLE VIN..
120,00 PLN
HIGH SPIRITS - Motivator (2016) LP
13 years of High Roller Records. What better way to celebrate than with a brand new studio album by ..
70,00 PLN
HIGH SPIRITS - Take Me Home (2016) EP
-Take Me Home -Just Like a Dream ..
35,00 PLN
HIGH TIDE - Interesting Times (2014) LP
This is the third High Tide album! Following the legendary albums 'Sea Shanties' and 'High Tide' the..
92,00 PLN
HIGH TIDE - Precious Cargo (2014) LP
HIGH TIDE was a highly underrated British band that played psychedelic progressive rock when the gen..
92,00 PLN
HITTEN - Don't Be Late (2015) EP
A 1. Don't Be Late     5:26      B 2. Red Lights     4..
35,00 PLN 27,00 PLN
7-calowy split dwóch skandynawskich załóg. Blues rock. 1. The Devil And The Almighty Blues - Rive..
35,00 PLN
HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - Heaven Bled (2016) LP+7"
Po dwudziestoletniej przerwie australijski HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH atakuje nas najnowszą płytą. Thrash..
85,00 PLN 39,00 PLN
HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - Hobbs' Satans Crusade (2018) LP
Na płycie znajdują się dwa dema z 1987 roku. Świetny zbiór dla fanów kapeli! 1. House of Death 2..
75,00 PLN
Reedycja pierwszej płyty australijskiego Hobbs' Angel of Death z 1988 roku. 1. House Of Death 2...
75,00 PLN
HOLLOW GROUND - Warlord (2014) DLP
With just four compilation tracks and one 7" EP issued in the early 1980s, Hollow Ground did have a ..
85,00 PLN
HOLY GROVE - S/T (2016) LP
Świetny heavy psych rock w wykonaniu amerykańskiego Holy Grove. 1. Death Of Magic 2. Nix 3. Hol..
55,00 PLN
HOLY MOSES - Finished With The Dogs (2016) LP+7"
Reedycja "dwójki" Holy Moses. Klasyka niemieckiego Speed thrash! 1. Finished With The Dogs 2. Cu..
89,00 PLN
HOLY MOSES - Queen Of Siam (2016) LP+7"
Debiut Holy Moses ponownie dostępny dzięki High Roller Records! 1. Necropolis 2. Don't Mess Arou..
89,00 PLN
Music often instigates a connection. Melbourne, Australia's Holy Serpent instantly bonded over a hea..
95,00 PLN
HORISONT - Break The Limit (2014) EP
Swedish hard-rocking classic metallers return with Break the Limit, a stop-gap release between album..
38,00 PLN 35,00 PLN
HORISONT - Två Sidor Av Horisonten (2009) LP
HORISONT's debut album revives the sounds of 70s heavy classic rock. The mix of classic rock, progre..
80,00 PLN
HORNSS - No Blood, No Sympathy (2014) LP
The stoner-thrashing three-piece make their debut with No Blood No Sympathy, a full-length that take..
95,00 PLN 55,00 PLN
HORSE - For Twisted Minds Only (2016) DLP
Kultowy album z 1970 Horse ponownie dostępny dzięki Rise Above Relics. Proto Doom! LP 1: 1. The ..
90,00 PLN
HORSE LATITUDES - Gathering (2013) DLP
Gatefold double vinyl with a A1 poster. Limited to 500 copies. This slow motion mammoth of an album ..
59,00 PLN
Drugi album Hasselvandera. Total doom metal! 1. The Ninth Hour        &n..
92,00 PLN
HOUR OF 13 - 333 (2013) LP
With just their self-titled debut album, Hour of 13 had already gained recognition as one of the mos..
75,00 PLN
HOUR OF 13 - Lucky Bones (2012) MLP
Hour of 13! Lucky Bones / Razorrock Tapes is a special double A -sided gatefold LP, and it features ..
70,00 PLN
HOUR OF 13 - S/T (2013) LP
With just their self-titled debut album, Hour of 13 had already gained recognition as one of the mos..
79,00 PLN
HOUSE OF CAPRICORN - Morning Star Rise (2014) LP
Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, with download. Morning Star Rise is the third full length fro..
85,00 PLN
HYPNOS - Cold Winds (2016) LP
Druga płyta szwedzkich hard heavy rockersów. 1. Start The Hunt 2. I'm On The Run 3. The Captive..
55,00 PLN
HYPNOS - S/T (2014) LP
Hypnos plays heavy action boogie rock and is one of the fastest growing bands on the Swedish heavy r..
80,00 PLN
HYPNOS - The Mountain (2014) EP
This debut single contains the album track The Mountain and the non-album track Viper. Heavy riffs, ..
35,00 PLN
IN SOLITUDE - Serpents Are Rising (2014) EP
Najnowsza epka In Solitude z coverem Samhain. 1. Serpents Are Rising      &nb..
45,00 PLN
INCANTATION - Entrantment Of Evil (2015) MLP
At long last, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present INCANTATION's “Entrantment of Evil” for the firs..
89,00 PLN
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