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BATHORY - Twilight Of The Gods (1991) DLP
Drugi z wielkich epic viking albumów Bathory. LP 1: 1. Prologue - Twilight Of The Gods - Epilogu..
75,00 PLN
BATHORY - Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (1987) LP
Trzecia płyta kultowego Bathory. Pure black metal! 1. Nocturnal Obeisance 2. Massacre 3. Woman ..
70,00 PLN
BEASTMAKER - Inside The Skull (2017) LP
Kalifornijski doom metalowy Beastmaker i ich drugi album. 1. Evil One      &n..
75,00 PLN
BEASTMILK - Use Your Deluge (2014) EP
Drugi tłok drugiej epki rewelacyjnego Beastmilk. 1. Void Mother        &..
39,00 PLN
BEASTMILK - White Stains On Black Wax (2014) EP
Pierwszy materiał Beastmilk z 2010 roku nagrany pierwotnie na taśmie magnetofonowej. Tutaj reedycja ..
39,00 PLN
Limited vinyl issue. Beelzefuzz is a heavy rock trio from North East Maryland, formed in 2009. Havin..
99,00 PLN
BENEDICTION - Dark Is The Season / The Grotesque (2016) LP
Reedycja dwóch epek Benediction nagranych w 1992 i w 1994 roku. 1. Foetus Noose    &nbs..
65,00 PLN
BENEDICTION - The Dreams You Dread (2016) LP
Winylowa reedycja czwartej płyty Benediction. 1. Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) 2. Cer..
80,00 PLN
BENEDICTION - Transcend The Rubicon (2016) LP
Reedycja trzeciej płyty Benediction. Klasyka brytyjskiego death metalu! 1. Unfound Mortality 2. ..
80,00 PLN
BISON MACHINE - Hoarfrost (2015) LP
Picture a small child raised on the delta blues since birth, then force fed with Zeppelin and Sabbat..
95,00 PLN
BLACK MAGICIAN - The Pursuivant (2013) EP
Ltd. to 400, black vinyl. Black Magician distance themselves from the current trend for pseudo-occul..
35,00 PLN
BLACK PRISM - Satan's Country (2013) EP
Limited edition on black vinyl. The debut 7-inch by LA-based psychedelic doomsters BLACK PRISM. But ..
45,00 PLN
Limited 300 copies black vinyl copies of split single between BLACK PYRAMID and Swedish ODYSSEY. ..
36,00 PLN
BLACK, THE - Capistrani Pugnator (2004) LP
Heavy doom metal in the vein of Trouble, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus etc. Including "Capistrani pugna..
75,00 PLN
BLACK, THE - Gorgoni (2010) DLP
DOUBLE VINYL album for one of the ITALIAN HEAVY METAL founder! Art, Music, Mysticism are the essence..
105,00 PLN
BLACK, THE - Peccatis Nostris (2004) LP
A powerful mix of dark atmopsheres and bands like Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus. tracks like "Pigriz..
79,00 PLN
Blackfinger to nowa kapela Erica Wagnera (Trouble, Lid, The Skull). Psychedelic doom metal! 1. I ..
105,00 PLN
BLACKOUT - S/T (2015) LP
Edition on black vinyl or coloured. Hailing from NYC, guitarist-vocalist Christian Gordy, drummer Ta..
95,00 PLN
BLITZKRIEG - A Time Of Changes (2017) LP
Reedycja pierwszej, kultowej płyty Blitzkrieg. NWOBHM! 1. Ragnarok/Inferno 2. Blitzkrieg 3. Pul..
75,00 PLN
BLIZZEN - Genesis Reversed (2016) LP
Debiut heavy/speed metalowego Blizzen. 1. Anthem To A Distant Star 2. Trumpets Of The Gods 3. M..
70,00 PLN
BLOOD CEREMONY - Let It Come Down / Loving You (2014) EP
Najnowsza epka z obozu Blood Ceremony. 1. Let It Come Down         ..
38,00 PLN
BLOOD CEREMONY - Lord Of Misrule (2016) LP
Czwarty album Blood Ceremony! 1. The Devil's Widow 2. Loreley 3. The Rogue's Lot 4. Lord Of Mi..
85,00 PLN
BLOOD CEREMONY - The Eldritch Dark (2013) LP
Trzeci krążek kanadyjskiego Blood Ceremony. Psychedelic folk doom! 1. Witchwood 2. Goodbye Gemin..
97,00 PLN
Ciekawy debiut amerykańskiego Bloody Hammers. 1. Witch Of Endor 2. Fear No Evil 3. The Last Leg..
55,00 PLN
BOLT THROWER - In Battle There Is No Law (2011) LP
Reedycja "jedynki" Bolt Thrower ponownie dostępna na winylu! 1. In Battle There Is No Law 2. Cha..
75,00 PLN
BONEHUNTER - Evil Triumphs Again (2015) LP
Much like they've done with ARMOUR and EVILNIGHT, once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS unleashes an undergr..
89,00 PLN
Four extended tracks and an intro that run a heavy psych gamut from the sweet jamming of Colour Haze..
99,00 PLN
BRUTUS - Big Fat Boogie (2014) EP
A limited, exclusive seven inch from Brutus, with side A taken from 2013's smash hit album 'Behind T..
39,00 PLN
BRUTUS - S/T (2013) LP
Debiut norweskiego Brutus. Hard blues rock! 1. Hypnotized          ..
75,00 PLN
BUNKER 66 - Screaming Rock Believers (2014) LP
Good ol’ Goethe said it right: "We are all pilgrims who seek Italy" – well, even if you don’t give a..
65,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - Förbannelsen (2011) EP
Burning Saviours will focus on getting back to the sound of the two first albums and basically make ..
40,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - Hon Dansade Med Döden (2012) EP
Kolejny 7-calowy singiel powracającego do życia Burning Saviours. 1. I Am Lucifer    &n..
45,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - The Nightmare (2012) EP
Limited 400 black vinyl. Third single in the four-part Forbannelsen series. Classic Swedish doom roc..
45,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - The Offering (2012) EP
Second single in the four-part Forbannelsen series. Classic Swedish doom rock in vein of Witchcraft,..
45,00 PLN
BURNING SAVIOURS - Unholy Tales From The North (2015) LP
 'Unholy Tales From The North' is Burning Saviours' fifth album. This is nothing new and revolu..
90,00 PLN
CANDLEMASS - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - Live At Roadburn 2011 (2013) DLP
Double gatefold vinyl with etched D-side, black vinyl ltd to 400. Candlemass' debut album Epicus Doo..
115,00 PLN
CAPILLA ARDIENTE - Bravery, Truth And The Endless Darkness (2014) LP
Aż pięć lat, po wydaniu epki "Solve Et Coagula", kazali nam czekać panowie z Capilla Ardiente na now..
75,00 PLN
CAPTAIN CRIMSON - Ageless Time (2015) LP
Black vinyl edition with download code. Recorded live in a chapel by the band's steady sound enginee..
99,00 PLN
CAROUSEL - 2113 (2015) LP
1. Trouble     3:24      2. Photograph     5:46  ..
85,00 PLN
CAROUSEL - Jeweler's Daughter (2013) LP
1. Jeweler's Daughter          2. Long Time      ..
85,00 PLN
CATHEDRAL - In Memoriam (2015) DLP
As with a choice few truly great bands, the first self-financed cassette recording by Cathedral - ma..
97,00 PLN
CATHEDRAL - The Last Spire (2013) DLP
Ostatni, pożegnalny krążek Cathedral! 1. Entrance To Hell 2. Pallbearer 3. Cathedral Of The Dam..
97,00 PLN
CC COMPANY - S/T (2013) EP
SIDE A 1. Death Death Death SIDE AA 2. The Snake 3. Out of Here ..
29,00 PLN 25,00 PLN
CC COMPANY - The Red Baron (2014) EP
Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden and featuring three already prolific musicians from that underground ..
29,00 PLN 25,00 PLN
CHAINS - Dancing With My Demons (2013) EP
Chains to międzynarodowy projekt prezentujący wiele stylów osadzonych w horrorowych klimatach lat 70..
17,00 PLN
CHILD - S/T (2015) LP
Debiut australijskiego Child. Stoner blues doom! 1. Trees          ..
87,00 PLN
CHROME HOOF - Beyond Zade (2006) MLP
Chrome Hoof's legendary live shows, and freak off recordings have pushed this underground band into ..
38,00 PLN
CHURCH OF MISERY - And Then There Were None... (2016) LP
Najnowszy krążek Church of Misery w nowym składzie! 1. The Hell Benders 2. Make Them Die Slowly ..
85,00 PLN
CHURCH OF MISERY - Thy Kingdom Scum (2013) DLP
Piąty album Church of Misery! 1. B.T.K. (Dennis Rader)          2...
97,00 PLN
CHURCH OF VOID - Dead Rising (2013) LP
Gatefold, black vinyl, ltd. to 350. Church of Void presents the new wave of old school doom metal on..
55,00 PLN
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