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GALLEY BEGGAR - Heathen Hymns (2017) CD
Folk rockowy Galley Beggar i ich trzecia płyta "Heathen Hymns". 1. Salome 2. Four Birds 3. The ..
52,00 PLN
GALLEY BEGGAR - Silence & Tears (2015) CD
Unbelievably, it's almost 50 years since Fairport Convention and their followers – Steeleye Span, Tr..
52,00 PLN
GARDEN OF WORM - Idle Stones (2015) CDdigi
GARDEN OF WORM is a trio operating in Tampere, Finland. Having played progressive rock in various gr..
55,00 PLN 29,00 PLN
Debiut Finów z Garden of Worm. Elegancki doom metal z progresywnymi wpływami. Dla fanów Revelation, ..
34,00 PLN
GATES OF SLUMBER, THE - Hymns Of Blood And Thunder (2009) CD
Remember the time when Conan strapped your head to the Anvil of Crom, and then three bearded, burley..
40,00 PLN
GATES OF SLUMBER, THE - The Wretch (2011) CD
Ostatni album Gates of Slumber. Epic doom metal! 1. Bastards Born 2. The Scovrge Ov Drvnkenness ..
52,00 PLN
GEEZER - Psychoriffadelia (2017) CD
Stoner rockowcy z Geezer i ich najnowszy album! 1. Hair Of The Dog 2. Stressknots 3. Psychoriff..
45,00 PLN
GENOCIDE - Black Sanctuary (2010) DCD
The 80s Japan Heavy Metal scene is loaded with a ton of great bands and some of those bands are some..
40,00 PLN
GENTLEMANS PISTOLS - At Her Majesty's Pleasure (2011) CD
Gentleman’s Pistols are without doubt one of the hottest hard rock bands on the planet right now. Wh..
40,00 PLN
GHOST - Opus Eponymous (2010) CD
Rewelacyjny debiut Ghost. 1. Deus Culpa 2. Con Clavi Con Dio 3. Ritual 4. Elizabeth 5. Stand ..
52,00 PLN
GIOBIA - Magnifier (2017) CDdigi
Druga płyta Giobia. Space psych rock. 1. This World Was Being Watched Closely 2. The Pond  ..
49,00 PLN
GIRLSCHOOL - Screaming Blue Murder (2017) CDdigi
Trzecia płyta heavy Girlschool! 1. Screaming Blue Murder 2. Live With Me 3. Take It From Me 4...
52,00 PLN
GLITTER WIZARD - Hollow Earth Tour (2016) CDdigi
Trzecia płyta psychodelicznego Glitter Wizard. 1. The Smokey God        ..
45,00 PLN
GOAD - In the House of the Dark Shining Dreams (2007) CD
...Dreams". It is sophisticated progressive rock, taking a lot from symphonic rock (early King Crims..
45,00 PLN
GOAD - Masquerade (2011) CD
The comeback of thedark progressive band from Florence (Italy) founded by vocalist/bassist and keybo..
45,00 PLN
GOATESS - II Purgatory Under New Management (2016) CDdigi
Drugi album Goatess! 1. Moth To Flame 2. Purgatory Under New Management 3. Murphy Was An Optimi..
55,00 PLN
GOATSODOMIZER - The Curse Rings True (2016) CD
Szwedzki thrash metalowy Goatsodomizer i ich debiutancki krążek. Argh! 1. Graveyard Bitch 2. Iro..
30,00 PLN
GOTHIC FATE - Illuminati (2015) CD
Reedycja drugiej płyty power metalowego Gothic Fate pierwotnie nagranego w 2005 roku. 1. The Enem..
40,00 PLN
GRAAL - Legend Never Die (2011) CDdigi
"Trójka" Graal. Włoski progresywny rock! 1. Il Ballo Di Caterina     0:55 2. Gods..
30,00 PLN
GRAAL - Tales Untold (2007) CD
Druga płyta włoskiego Graal. Progresywny rock. 1. Misty Morning     1:55 2. After..
30,00 PLN
GRAND MAGUS - Iron Will (2008) CD
Swedish riff-lords Grand Magus return at last with ‘Iron Will’, another full-on metal assault that j..
40,00 PLN
GRAND MAGUS - Monument (2003) CD
Swedish behemoths Grand Magus have the uncanny knack of effortlessly fusing bluesy classic hard rock..
40,00 PLN
Finally, the debut album from these Swedish Metal Masters is available once more. Since it’s release..
40,00 PLN
GRAND MAGUS - Wolf's Return (2005) CD
Following the tremendous success of it’s predecessor ‘Monument’ the Swedish doom metal overlords Gra..
40,00 PLN
GRIM REAPER - Walking In The Shadows (2016) CD
Grim Reaper wrócił! 1. Wings Of Angels 2. Walking In The Shadows 3. Reach Out 4. I'm Coming Fo..
52,00 PLN
GROAN - The Divine Right Of Kings (2012) CD
Debiut brytyjskiego Groan. Stoner rock pełną parą! 1. Weeping Jesus      &nbs..
49,00 PLN 29,00 PLN
GUDARS SKYMNING - Mörka vatten (2010) CDdigi
Druga płyta Szwedów z Gudars Skymning. Lata 70-te pełną parą! 1. Jag är en trollkarl 2. Söderslä..
30,00 PLN
HADDOCK - Captain Wolfe's Journey to the Center of the Sea (2016) CDdigi
Druga płyta szwedzkich stonerowców z Haddock. 1. Captain Wolfe's Journey 2. Henry the Regicide ..
25,00 PLN
HAIR OF THE DOG - This World Turns (2017) CD
Trzeci krążek Szkotów z Hair of the Dog. Hard Rock! 1. This World Turns      2. K..
45,00 PLN
HAMMERHEAD - The Sin Eater (2015) CD
Cumbria's Hammerhead (not to be confused with their Dutch or American namesakes) were one of the mos..
52,00 PLN
HAND OF DOOM - Poisonoise (2008) DCD
Who in the hell on Earth is THE HAND OF DOOM you ask? Sorry Doom Metal nuts, theyre not Doom at all...
40,00 PLN
HANDS OF ORLAC - Figli Del Crepuscolo (2014) CD
Drugi krążek włoskich doom metalowców z 2014 roku. 1. I Figli Del Crepuscolo 2. Last Fatal Drop ..
30,00 PLN
HARSH TOKE - Light Up And Live (2013) CDdigi
1. Rest In Prince     4:11      2. Weight Of The Sun    &nb..
49,00 PLN
HARVEST BELL - Wheel of Foretaste (2013) MCD
Harvest Bell to pięcioosobowa załoga z Finlandii. "Wheel of Foretaste" to druga z kolei epka grupy, ..
25,00 PLN
HAUNTED - S/T (2016) CDdigi
Debiut włoskiego Haunted. Stoner doom! 1. Nightbreed 2. Watchtower 3. Silvercomb 4. Slowthorn ..
30,00 PLN
Jedyna płyta szwajcarskiego Headhunter, pierwotnie wydana w 1985 roku. Tradycyjny heavy metal pełną ..
30,00 PLN
HEADSTONE - Burning Ambition (2013) CD
Headstone działał na początku lat 80-tych w Niemczech. "Burning Ambition" to ich debiut z 1984 roku...
40,00 PLN
HEAVY EYES, THE - He Dreams Of Lions (2015) CD
Trzeci krążek The Heavy Eyes. Stoner Rock! 1. Shadow Shaker 2. Saint 3. Zbo 4. Old Saltillo Ro..
45,00 PLN
HEAVY GLOW - Pearls & Swine And Everything Fine (2016) CD
Druga płyta stonerowego Heavy Glow. 1. 45 Shakedown      2. Look What You're Doin..
45,00 PLN
HELLBRINGER - Awakened From The Abyss (2016) CD
"Dwójka" australijskiego Hellbringer. Thrash Speed! 1. Fall Of The Cross 2. Coven Of Darkness 3..
53,00 PLN
HELLBRINGER - Dominion Of Darkness (2012) CD
Debiut thrashowego Hellbringer! 1. Dominion Of Darkness 2. Sermon Of Death 3. Deceiver's Chambe..
52,00 PLN
HELLISH CROSSFIRE - Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram (2014) CD
Hellish Crossfire from Nuremberg stirred the thrash underground with their debut from 2006, and that..
52,00 PLN
HELLWELL - Behind The Demon's Eyes (2017) CD
Druga płyta Hellwell - projektu Marka Sheltona z Manilla Road. 1. Lightwave 2. Necromantio 3. T..
52,00 PLN
HELLWELL - Beyond the Boundaries of Sin (2012) CD
Solowy projekt Marka Sheltona z Manilla Road. Ciekawy, mroczny heavy z horrorowym klimatem. Wydanie ..
49,00 PLN 30,00 PLN
HERETIC - A Game You Cannot Win (2017) CD
Najnowszy krążek Heretic. Thrash! 1. Intro 2. This World Called Hell 3. A Game You Cannot Win ..
52,00 PLN
HEXECUTOR - Poison, Lust And Damnation (2016) CD
Debiutancka płyta francuskiego Hexecutor. Thrash w duchu starego Destruction i Kreator! 1. Macabr..
30,00 PLN
HIDDEN INTENT - Walking Through Hell (2014) CD
Póki co jedyna duża płyta Australijczyków z Hidden Intent. Thrash! 1. Confession 2. Walking Thro..
25,00 PLN
HIDDEN MASTERS - Of This & Other Worlds (2013) CDdigi
Hidden Masters to trio ze szkockiego Glasgow. "Of This..." to ich debiut, a muzyka na nim zawarta to..
52,00 PLN
HIGH POWER - S/T (2015) CD
Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to introduce our #1 favorite 80's French Heavy Metal band and album ..
49,00 PLN
Pierwszy album doomowo-stonerowego HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN. 1. The Protean Towers    &nbs..
55,00 PLN
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