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SPANCER - Greater Than The Sun (2011) CDdigi
Follow up album to devastating debut 'Slowly we rock' . This german band uses two bass players. And ..
55,00 PLN
SPANCER - Slowly We Rock (2007) CD
This german band uses two bass players. And if you need to get really heavy, two bass players will g..
50,00 PLN
SPECTRAL HAZE - I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains (2014) CD
Debiut norweskiego Spectral Haze. Heavy psych! 1. I.E.V. I: Circumambulating Mount Meru  &nb..
29,00 PLN
SPECTRAL HAZE - Turning Electric (2017) CDdigi
Trzecia płyta Norwegów ze Spectral Haze. Heavy Psych. 1. Dawn Of The Falcon      ..
55,00 PLN
SPECTRAL VOICE - Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing (2017) CD
Death Doom metalowy debiut amerykańskiej załogi Spectral Voice. Kapela członków Blood Incantation. ..
55,00 PLN
SPEEDBREAKER - Built For Speed (2014) CDdigi
Niemiecki speed metalowy Speedbreaker i ich jedyny w dorobku album. 1. Shoot, Shoot 2. Night Pat..
30,00 PLN
SPEEDTRAP - Raw Deal (2014) CD
Whereas a lot of the new breed of Thrash Metal either comes from the States, Germany or Italy, Finla..
52,00 PLN 35,00 PLN
SPEEDTRAP - Straight Shooter (2015) CD
Speedtrap's debut album, Powerdose, took many by surprise and left many established acts eating dust..
55,00 PLN 35,00 PLN
SPELL - For None And All (2016) CD
Druga płyta kanadyjskiego Spell. Hard rock/heavy! 1. Madame Psychosis 2. Whipping Sigils 3. Too..
52,00 PLN
SPELLJAMMER - Ancient Of Days (2015) CD
"We like things on a grand scale," says Spelljammer bassist/vocalist Niklas Olsson. That's a bit of ..
59,00 PLN
On CD format, here's a reissue of an out of print LP from Stockholm's Spelljammer. If you like your ..
59,00 PLN
SPIDERS - Flash Point (2012) CD
Debut album. Female fronted SPIDERS mix garage punk and early hard rock with bluesy melodies. SPIDE..
62,00 PLN
SPIRIT ADRIFT - Behind - Beyond (2016) MCDdigi
Dwuutworowa epka doomowego Spirit Adrift. 1. Specter Of Ruin 2. Perpetual Passage Posłuchaj! ..
33,00 PLN
SPIRIT DESCENT - Doominion (2010) CD
Debut album of this new killer act from Germany, delivering outstanding Epic Doom Metal that is noth..
29,00 PLN
SPIRIT DESCENT - Seven Chapter in a Minor (2012) CDdigi
Niemiecki epic doom metal. 1. Dawn Of Mankind 2. Owner Of Fifty Names 3. The Tragedy Of Captain..
34,00 PLN
SPIRITS BURNING - Alien Injection (2008) CD
Spirits Burning's fourth CD, "Alien Injection". It's a mostly vocal affair. Crew members include Dae..
40,00 PLN
SPIRITUS MORTIS - The God Behind The God (2018) CD
Reedycja świetnego albumu doomowego Spiritus Mortis z 2009 roku. 1. The Man Of Steel 2. Death Br..
55,00 PLN
SPIRITUS MORTIS - The Year Is One (2016) CD
Po siedmiu latach ciszy Spiritus Mortis wraca z nowym albumem. Doomowy majstersztyk. Nic dodać, nic ..
55,00 PLN
STALLION - Rise And Ride (2014) CD
2014 might as well turn out to be the year of the Stallion. They are one of the most promising up an..
52,00 PLN
Reedycja pierwszego krążka trochę zapomnianej już amerykańskiej kapeli Starchild, która w swym dorob..
30,00 PLN
STARDRIVE - Kings And Slaves (2009) CD
Excellent heavy rock from Hungary's Stardrive. Rocking in the vein of Spiritual Beggars, Abramis Bra..
34,00 PLN
STARS THAT MOVE - No Riders (2016) CDdigi
Druga płyta Stars That Move (kapela muzyków Starchild). Hard rock/doom. 1. The Devil's Fountain ..
30,00 PLN
STARS THAT MOVE - S/T (2015) CDdigi
Debiutanski album Stars That Move. Jest to nowy zespół ludzi ze Starchild z wokalistką na froncie. P..
30,00 PLN
Trzecia płyta w dorobku Węgrów ze Stereochrist. 1. Double Dealer 2. The Long Hard Mile 3. Deal ..
34,00 PLN
STONED JESUS - Stormy Monday (2016) MCDdigi
Reedycja epki pierwotnie wydanej w 2011 roku. 1. Stormy Monday 2. Drunk And Horny 3. Bear Cave ..
49,00 PLN
STORMQUEEN - Raising The Roof -The Definitive Stormqueen Anthology (2015) CD
With a name drawn from Marion Zimmer Bradley’s 1978 fantasy novel the Welsh five-piece Stormqueen we..
52,00 PLN
STORMTROOPER - Pride Before A Fall - The Lost Album (2018) CD
Kompilacja wczesnych (1980-1981) nagrań brytyjskiego Stormtrooper. NWOBHM! 1. In the State of the..
52,00 PLN
STRIKE - Back In Flames (2012) CD
Jeden z pierwszych, jeśli nie pierwszy, heavy metalowych zespołów we Włoszek. "Back in Flames" to ic..
30,00 PLN
STYGIAN SHORE - The Shore Will Arise (2007) CD
Kultowa płyta amerykańskiego Stygian Shore, nagrana w 1989 roku, a wydana dopiero po 18 latach. 1..
49,00 PLN
SUBROSA - For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages (2016) CDdigi
Najnowszy, czwarty krążek doomowej Subrosy! 1. Despair Is A Siren 2. Wound Of The Warden 3. Bla..
50,00 PLN
SULA BASSANA - Dark Days (2012) CD
After hearing not much about multiinstrumentalist Dave Schmidt (Sula Bassana) for a long time, and a..
59,00 PLN
SULA BASSANA - Dreamer (2012) CD
The debut album of Germanys spacehead Dave Schmidt aka Sula Bassana, was released the first time on ..
59,00 PLN
SULA BASSANA - Kosmonauts (2010) CD
AVAILABLE AGAIN. This Sula Bassana album doesn't show a new direction of the artists work, but a bra..
59,00 PLN
SULA BASSANA - Live At Roadburn Festival 2014 (2015) CD
SULA BASSANA, a.k.a. German multi-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt, is the guitarist for Electric Moon, ..
59,00 PLN
SULA BASSANA - The Night (2009) CDdigi
After selling out the first edition of this CD, Sulatron decided to re-release it in a jewelcase. On..
59,00 PLN
SUMA - Ashes (2015) CDdigi
Reedycja trzeciego krążka Suma. 1. Headwound 2. Ashes 3. Orissa 4. Justice 5. War On Drugs ..
30,00 PLN
Sumerlands to młoda heavy metalowa kapela, w której udzielają się m.in. Phil Swanson (Vestal Claret,..
52,00 PLN
SUNDER - S/T (2015) CD
Sunder is a four-piece band from Lyon, influenced by late '60s psychedelia and armed with Mellotron,..
62,00 PLN
SWEET APPLE - Sing The Night In Sorrow (2017) CDdigi
Hard rockowy Sweet Apple ze swoim trzecim krążkiem. 1. (My Head Is Stuck In The) Traffic  &n..
49,00 PLN
SYNTHESE - Prisoner (2016) CD
"Prisoner" to jedyna płyta francuskiego Synthese wydana pierwotnie w 1986 roku. Heavy Metal! 1. M..
55,00 PLN
TALMUD BEACH - Chief (2016) CDdigi
Najnowszy album Talmud Beach. Rock Blues! 1. Ain't So Young 2. Pharmacy Blues 3. Mountain Man ..
55,00 PLN
TARGET - Master Project Genesis (2017) CD
Druga płyta speed-thrashowego Target! 1. The Coming of Chaos 2. Ultimate Unity 3. Digital Regen..
52,00 PLN
TARGET - Mission Executed (2017) CD
Reedycja debiutu belgijskiego Target z 1987 roku. Heavy/Speed! 1. Mission to the Andes 2. Hordes..
52,00 PLN
TEKHTON - Alluvial (2010) CD
Netherlands based quintet. An essential combination of earthy, immovable doom heft that wasn't afrai..
50,00 PLN
TEKHTON - Summon The Core (2007) CD
The pace is slow, slow, slow, and Tekhton have clearly spent a lot of time listening to classic doom..
50,00 PLN
TEMPLE OF VOID - Lords Of Death (2017) CD
Druga płyta death/doom metalowego Temple of Void! 1. The Charnel Unearthing 2. Wretched Banquet ..
49,00 PLN
TEMPLE OF VOID - Of Terror And The Supernatural (2015) CD
The kingdom of death/doom is a relatively closed circle, and Temple of Void is on a clear ascendency..
49,00 PLN 45,00 PLN
TEMPLE, THE - Forevermourn (2016) CD
Debiutancka płyta Greków z doomowego The Temple. Epic doom metal! 1. The Blessing    &n..
40,00 PLN
Terminal Death to jedna z pierwszych death metalowych załóg na świecie, działająca w połowie lat 80-..
49,00 PLN
THRASH BOMBZ - Master Of The Dead (2017) CD
Najnowsza płyta włoskiego Thrash Bombz! 1. Condemned To Kill Again 2. Ritual Violence 3. Evil W..
30,00 PLN
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